Summer Reading List

Now that school is over I have time to catch up on my Summer reading list. I am fortunate my school’s library has a very nice selection of books and if I can’t get it there, the Kindle and iBooks stores will.

I seriously doubt I’ll finish even half this list between now and the beginning of the Fall semester, but I wanted to share this with my few blog readers, i.e. friends I tricked into reading my blog.

Thank you to Aaron R, Daniel D, Dan S, Matt K, Rose L, and David F. for their book suggestions.

I will provide links to the rest of the books tomorrow. It’s late and I need sleep 🙂






  • The Madman by Khalil Gibran

Computer Science


Design & Usability

  • The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman


  • Philosophy and the Young Child by Gareth Matthews


  • Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn

Plans for the End of Summer

The end of Summer doesn’t really have that much significance to me.  Perhaps, it’s because there’s not much seasonal variation here or maybe I’ve grown into a cynical bastard.  This year I’m bucking the trend and I have a few easy short term goals that I want to see accomplished.

  1. Save some money
  2. Upgrade my computer
  3. Get some road tires for the mountain bike
  4. Work on a couple side jobs
  5. Exercise and eat healthier
  6. Take lots of pictures
  7. Manage my time better

Winter Weather Cookin’

After talking with my fellow foodie Dangerousgaijin, I’m craving some good chili!  At his suggestion, I’m going to try Alton Brown’s recipe.  I like to eat stews and soups all year round, but they are especially nice when it’s cold outside.  Here are some things I plan on making.

– Chili con carne

– Beef Burgundy

– French Onion Soup

– Beef Stew

– Crawfish Chowder

I’m getting hungry just writing about this!