Summer Reading List

Now that school is over I have time to catch up on my Summer reading list. I am fortunate my school’s library has a very nice selection of books and if I can’t get it there, the Kindle and iBooks stores will.

I seriously doubt I’ll finish even half this list between now and the beginning of the Fall semester, but I wanted to share this with my few blog readers, i.e. friends I tricked into reading my blog.

Thank you to Aaron R, Daniel D, Dan S, Matt K, Rose L, and David F. for their book suggestions.

I will provide links to the rest of the books tomorrow. It’s late and I need sleep 🙂






  • The Madman by Khalil Gibran

Computer Science


Design & Usability

  • The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman


  • Philosophy and the Young Child by Gareth Matthews


  • Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn