Getting organized

Current Status
I’m currently using DevonThink to help me keep track of all my important files and notes. I also use Omnifocus for task management. I use a calendar for time sensitive information. My other tools are more low-tech. I have a small notebook and a legal pad for notes.

Changes since my last great organization
I finally parted with my paper planner. I’ve had a planner or paper calendar of some sort since grade school. I’m on the computer so much that I do most of my time-sensitive entries digitally on a computer.

I would use the paper calendar for a couple weeks, then I would get tired of the double entries and discontinue writing things down by hand. Then several weeks or months later I would feel guilty and go back to the paper calendar. I swear I’m not insane or that stupid, but I was mentally stuck in a habit that I thought I had to maintain or else my entire world would be disorganized. Well, what really happened is the duplication of exertion just made me give up putting minor things on the calendar all together.

Things that weren’t earth-shatteringly important were not entered in the calendar and with all the other things I jot down in notebooks and keep in my head they fell by the wayside. These little pieces of information flotsam & jetsam eventually accumulated into a huge mountain of missed to-do’s that burdened me greatly.

My system is less mentally taxing today. Now I use Google Calendar which is also synced with iCal. DevonThink acts as my inbox and information storage medium. The tiny pocket notebook I carry is also an inbox for little notes and reminders. I also keep a very short to-do list on it.

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